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Removing the Blindfold from the Grocery Industry 

Basket Insights provides real-time pricing, market and shopping purchase intelligence based on the new shopping behaviors of today & the future.


Price Intelligence

The Basket Insights Price Intelligence module provides brands and manufacturers with insight into a customer’s actual experience at the shelf.

Gain visibility into your products’ executed pricing and determine compliance with your trade calendar, understand your competitors’ pricing and promotional strategies, gauge overall category pricing in different markets to inform distribution or product line expansion, and take control of your brand's destiny by being acting as “checks and balances” on your broker or distributor.

Data Accessibility

Our Price Intelligence data can be delivered in a number of different ways:

Intelligence Reports

Our static reports provide pre-packaged insights into category pricing trends across channels, and includes visibility into inaccessible retailers, including Costco, Trader Joe’s and Aldi, among others.


Our SaaS platform allows you to view pricing data by retailer, market and SKUs, providing awareness of how your products are priced relative to your competitors, all in an easy-to-view, real-time dashboard.

Data Feed

For robust teams with analysts on staff, access the raw data to derive the customized insights you need. The data can be delivered in spreadsheet files for manual manipulation or through an API feed.

Highlighted Data Processing Features Include:

  • Pricing Guardrail Audit - Flags prices that fall outside two standard deviations of price history

  • Pricing Geo-Projections - Multiple user scans generate estimates for a product at all stores in a chain by zip code, city, metro, state, and nationally

  • Line Pricing Extrapolation - Suggests groups of similar products within a chain for price extrapolation

  • Price Fluctuation Alerts - Alerts manufacturers and brands when a competitor’s prices change

  • Stockout Signaling - Identifies on a store-by-store basis when products are not available on the shelf

  • Pricing Error Alerts - Scheduled reporting to flag product prices that fall outside a national estimate range

Data Acquisition & Validation

Leveraging the largest community of grocery shoppers in the country, we have collected over 100 million prices over 4 years at store shelves, online and in retail circulars. The community stands ready to fulfill custom requests based on our customers’ needs, and our powerful validation measures, including machine learning and AI protocols, ensure a high level of data quality.

Market Intelligence

Watch in real time as new brands or products enter your category nationally and regionally, and at which retailers. Understand the trending products and the frequency with which they’re growing their market footprint. See categories rise and fall based on both seasonality and consumer intent or preference.

Shopper Intelligence / Advertising

Follow the path to purchase from the moment of intent - when a shopper adds an item to their smart shopping list - all the way to their purchasing decision in store. Discover how your brand and your products measure each week against the rest of a shopper’s basket of goods and what share of basket you have locally, regionally, and nationally.