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CPG Brands


Providing Valuable Insight to All Grocery Industry Players

Organizations involved in the grocery industry vary in terms of the data and insights needed in order to be successful and achieve their respective goals. Basket Insights helps each of these organization types win by providing the critical data that they can't get from traditional grocery data providers. 

CPG Brands & Manufacturers

Despite the significant investment in grocery data, brands and manufacturers still lack a complete view of what is happening in-store. POS data provides insight into velocity, but it's a retroactive view offering no ability to make changes to impact the here and now. Basket Insights focuses on the customer's actual experience at the shelf, where 100% of purchase decisions are made. By optimizing the shelf in real-time, brands can maximize their ability to reach their short- and long-term revenue goals.



As the grocery space becomes more crowded due to increased investment in online grocery shopping offerings, retailers need to ensure their prices are competitive, while still allowing for profitable margins. Understanding competitive chain pricing at the local level is critical to making strategic pricing decisions in order to maximize profits. Basket Insights provides in-depth pricing insight into over 98% of America's grocery stores in real-time, on-demand.


Financial Firms

In order to fully understand a brand's or retailer's performance, private equity firms, investment banks and equity research firms in the grocery space require access to detailed historical and current pricing data to understand the pricing strategies employed and pricing trends over time. Basket Insights has over 100 million pricing data points from over 98% of America's grocery stores that these firms can employ to do their due diligence to the fullest.