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Disrupting Grocery Business Intelligence

In today’s FMCG data market, CPG brands and manufacturers have to shell out exorbitant amounts of money to gain access to retail data controlled by a retailer-sanctioned duopoly. They are nickeled and dimed for every market, category or channel they want to mine for insights. Basket Insights is a revolutionary business intelligence suite of products built for the CPG space, focused on providing transparency and on-demand access to actionable data, all for a fraction of the cost of the traditional data providers.


Price Intelligence

Gain visibility into your products’ executed pricing and determine compliance with your trade calendar, understand your competitors’ pricing and promotional strategies, gauge overall category pricing in different markets to inform distribution or product line expansion, and take control of your brand's destiny by being acting as “checks and balances” on your broker or distributor.

Market Intelligence

Watch in real time as new brands or products enter your category nationally and regionally, and at which retailers. Understand the trending products and the frequency with which they’re growing their market footprint. See categories rise and fall based on both seasonality and consumer intent or preference.


Shopper Intelligence / Advertising

Follow the path to purchase from the moment of intent - when a shopper adds an item to their smart shopping list - all the way to their purchasing decision in store. Discover how your brand and your products measure each week against the rest of a shopper’s basket of goods and what share of basket you have locally, regionally, and nationally.


Michael Sloan

CEO & Co-Founder

With the help of our partnership with Basket, Chloe’s has become one of the fastest-growing frozen novelty brands in the U.S. Basket provides invaluable insights into promotions and pricing for Chloe’s and our competitors allowing Chloe’s to achieve the 289% CAGR growth rate since 2014. Basket helps insure that the consumer receives the best possible pricing.

Peter Sliwinski

Senior Marketing Manager

We use Basket’s grocery business intelligence tool to help confirm and plan some of our account specific marketing promotions that vary by market. With Basket Insights we can understand timing, breadth, and depth of our competitor’s promotions allowing for us to optimize our promotional spend and gain market share during key drive periods or other times when competition from price reductions are lower.

Jason Del Rey

Senior Editor, Commerce

The insight from [Basket Insight's] data could help the country’s biggest brands, caught in ongoing pricing wars between retail giants, compete more effectively.